Monday, April 09, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCXXII

A third doodle today? Something must be up. Well, maybe, maybe not. I'm just in that mood, I guess. I'm posting these things during the commercials of CSI, which they are nice enough to show three times in a row on Spike. I can't get much of anything else done. But that's neither here nor there. What is here is the back of a double set of 45s called This Is Glenn Miller And His Orchestra (RCA Victor EPBT 3002). I think I've seen this on other 45 RPM sets, but I haven't looked too hard. I thought the text here was a little interesting, so I left that in for you. It talks about what a great format this is, how it's hi quality sound, and how it never wears out. What it doesn't tell you is that when I bought it, both records were missing. It contained a single from Elvis, and a single from Ray Charles. Neither one sounded anything like Glenn Miller.

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Anonymous said...

well i posted side one of Winifred Attwell which i think you will enjoy. this record was a favorite and i always thought the artist was white( as per the cover ) until I did a google search.
good ragtime piano.