Thursday, November 23, 2006


Somebody help me, I can't stop with the segues! In my last post, I mentioned Harry Simeone, and his famous arrangement of Carol Of The Drum, which he smartly renamed The Little Drummer Boy, and thus collected royalties for ever and ever. But that's neither here nor there. What is here is the cover of the 45 RPM 7" release of that track, which I had never seen before until I stumbled across this copy the other day. The track is incredibly easy to come by, so there's no download here, I just wanted to share the picture sleeve with you. By the way, the flip side on the record inside is Die Lorelei, From the 20th Century-Fox Picture "Fraulein" by The Voices Of The Junior Chorale. I don't think that's a Christmas tune... Oh, for the completists, the label is 20th Fox, and the catalog number is 45-121, and the label goes out of its way to mention that this is the original version.

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