Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nutcracker Sweet!

Since I just reposted a Fred Waring record, why not throw up something new by him as well? (New being a relative term, since this came out way back in 1950!) Keep in mind that they didn't yet have hi-fi in 1950, so this one sounds like it was originally recorded as a 78, but it's still worth a few listens. And as an added bonus, they added lyrics to the traditional Tchaikovsky tunes. Who'd a thunk it? One of the writers of those lyrics (and the arranger) is one Harry Simeone, who you may recognize as the guy behind one of the greatest Christmas records of all time, Little Drummer Boy. Without further ado, here is Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians-Nutcracker Suite (Decca 1-111 7", 1950).


CaptainOT said...

Last year I got Spike Jones' version of the Nutcracker Suite at Basic Hip.

This year, Fred Waring here. Why o why does Christmas have to come only once a year?

Thanks for the share Ernie!


Anonymous said...

I have looked for this Waring's Nutcracker) for 55 years! I had it as a child and no one I know has ever heard of it. THANK YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

This is a rad record! Any chance you might reup the download?

Ernie said...

Ah, the phantom download deleter strikes again. Maybe I'll just repost a link here in the comments, and see if it lasts any longer. Try this:

Anonymous said...

I am praising you!

My friend dances the Nutcracker so I am collecting 12 versions of the Nutcracker Suite. Um, designed to drive one crazy actually.

This oughta help do it

thanks again

Anonymous said...

Holy cow this is so crazy, you know they are SINGING the Nutcracker Suite, yes?

"Have another vodka, have another vodka, vodka always makes things bright"

happy holidaze!