Friday, November 24, 2006

Better Layton Than Ever

I promised myself I wouldn't do it, but I did anyway. I just found this record today, so I rushed home, ripped it, scanned it, converted it, uploaded it and now I'm posting it. I should let these things sink in more, but I got caught up in the moment. One of the tracks I shared out during Christmas In July was a wiz-bang version of Winter Wonderland by Eddie Layton, so I was quite excited to find a whole Christmas LP from him today. It's somewhat later than his other, more out-there stuff on Mercury, but it still has its moments. No, it's not Lenny Dee or Earl Grant, but you'll still enjoy it. I don't have a date on this one, but I'm guessing around mid-60s. The liner notes mention that this is his first LP for Epic, so it's a little surprising that they decided to start with a Christmas record. There were no listings for this record on GEMM, so maybe it's pretty rare. (They do list a 4-song holiday EP on Columbia that I need to dig up, though). So please download and enjoy Eddie Layton-Organ Music For Christmas With Chimes And Brass Choir (Epic BN 26118).


  1. Gee, another Christmas organ album... there's something you don't see everyday!

    HA! This is number 18 or 19 this year alone!


  2. But you love the organ at Christmas! It's the greatest thing ever! Stay tuned for 19 or 20 more! How do you feel about carillons?

  3. In their day, Roller Skating, and in winter, Ice Skating, rinks were quite popular as an inexpensive alternative night out, instead of going to the movies, or joining a Bowling league. According to my parents, other than a few popular radio shows at home, these were pretty much the main source of social entertainment through the forties and fifties, until television really took over and people really started staying home most weekday nights. For some reason, organ music such as this were the selections most played for skating purposes, and, of course, needed the Holiday seasonal selections. Thank you for sharing the music!


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