Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas With Billy

One of my goals this year is to share with you as much old, crusty, out-of-print and forgotten Christmas music as possible. So, to maximize that, I'm going to point you towards some other sharity sites with Christmas records available for download that I think you might like. Whenever I have the record they're sharing, I'll scan it in and throw it up here, otherwise, I'll just give you the link. The record I want to point you to now is Billy Vaughn-Christmas Carols (Dot DLP 25148, 1958). Well, I think the date is 1958. This LP was released with a couple of different covers, this being one that came out later, I think. Also, it's stereo, and 1958 is really early for stereo, so sometimes you get a rerecording from a later date on these stereo releases. But enough semantics. You can get this LP over at The Tuna Melt, so have at it.

Just in case that isn't enough Billy Vaughn for you, he was featured twice back during the Christmas in July celebration here at Ernie (Not Bert). Check the archives and you can download Billy performing Winter World Of Love and The Chipmunk Song. (His version of The Chipmunk Song actually made the Christmas In July Best-Of disc!)

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Anonymous said...

More semantics on this one from the Dot discography at and some other sources:

The entire album was recorded in two 3 hour sessions on October 11th 1958 and released in December only in mono (Dot DLP-3148).

The stereo version came out the following year as Dot DLP-25148.

3 different covers are known, the last one being the one you have posted.

Appeared on CD at least once (1997 - Bear Family BCD15970, Boxset).

Another great year!
Sorry i did not have much free time this time.