Friday, August 11, 2006

Mike Douglas-RIP

In honor of the passing of Mike Douglas this week, I offer up this, his first Christmas LP. (I believe there was a second one on the Word label, but I don't have it. Yet...) This is Mike Douglas-My Kind Of Christmas (Epic BN 26322, 1967). I can't tell you anything more about Mike Douglas than what you've already seen on the news tonight. I have very vague memories of watching him when I was young, along with Merv Griffin and Dinah Shore. They were just at the end of their time, and new people like Sally Jesse Raphael and Oprah were on their way in. But I still prefered The Price Is Right. Anyhow, I recorded this LP last Christmas season, but never got around to chopping it into tracks or scanning the cover in. I did all that this evening when I heard of Mike's passing. Many of the songs are pretty bland, and I think that's why I never shared it out last year. The two highlights are the previously unheard by my ears (The Story Of ) The First Christmas Carol and Touch Hands On Christmas Morning. Anyhow, download it and give it a listen in honor of the inventor of afternoon talk.


CaptainOT said...

Ernie, thank you for the wonderful tribute to Mike Douglas.

Name an afternoon talk show host today who would agree to let a famous rock star & his pretty far out wife co-host the show for one entire week (Ozzy & Sharon don't count).

Mike Douglas once let John & Yoko do exactly that. BRAVO Mike!


Anonymous said...

howdy. mike douglas was awesome, and so are you for posting this wonderful share. thanks a bunch.

PDMan said...

For some reason, I always preferred Douglas to Merv and Dick Cavett. Merv seemed pretentious to me and Dick Cavett was always a tad too cerebral. Thanks for the share!

noone said...

I remember Mike and his show quite well, they provided many hours of after-school entertainment for us kids. LOL

I prefer Mike's singing and interviewing style over John Davidson's. I seem to remember him taking over his slot in the afternoons later and finding him VERY BORING.

savoadaki said...

I hope you repost this closer to Christmas, because of the policy RS has of deleting items not downloaded in 10 days. I only came across the reference to this in Falalalala Forum, which is beginning to get active now that we're into October.
I missed this post, but I also missed most of Mike Douglas as I didn't have access to TV in those years before I finished high school. I remember vaguely seeing him, and he was quite nice.