Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oodles Of Doodles CLXXXIX

I hadn't seen a big doodle in quite a while, but I stumbled across this one last night in the archives. This half page beauty comes from Red Nichols And The Five Pennies-Dixieland Dinner Dance (Capitol ST 1297). There's so much detail in these big doodles, you can look at them again and again and still find something new. There's a signature down in the lower left, Frank Page. No hits on Google that seem to match. (Well, there's an editorial cartoonist by that name, but he seems much too young to have done this.) It's a shame that these talented artists are practically unknown and untraceable these days.

Update: I was paging through some of my earlier doodles, and I found that there is a signature 'F. Page' on the second doodle I ever posted way back when for Louis Prima and Keely Smith-Together (Dot DLP 25263, 1960). Same fellow? Probably.

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