Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oodles Of Doodles CXCIII

Wow! How's this for a groovy doodle? And yes, the aspect ratio is correct, it's squished together like that on the back of On Tour With The New Glenn Miller Orchestra (RCA Victor LPM-1948, 1959), I don't know why. But who wouldn't want a flivver like this, with lots of instruments piled high on the roof and the running boards, an angel for a hood ornament, and an exhaust that plays sweet music? And if all that weren't enough, you get a tag on the front, "Time To Dance"! This could well be the perfect record for me. Whoops, almost forgot to mention the signature. Looks to me like it says Dillon, which has popped up here before, although it didn't look quite the same. (You'll probably see more doodles similar to that one I just linked to come this Christmas. I picked up another copy of the LP I scanned that one from, and it had a three page insert inside with even more doodles. Bonus!)

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