Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chanukah In August-Part 1

Yesterday was the end of Christmas in July, so today is the beginning of Chanukah in August. (A tradition proudly started last year!) Chanukah songs are much harder to come by in the dusty old LPs that I enjoy collecting, but I got lucky last week, and got this one track for you.

Chanukah by Ray Middleton from Ten Jewish Holy Days (Candle Records CAN-112, 1957). Yep, it's the story of Chanukah, told in story and song. Now I know all about the Maccabees and the oil lasting for eight days. (I am, however, unsure about why they mention Palestine in the song. I guess I need to brush up on my history.) This great old record comes complete with an insert the gives all the words and lyrics to the stories inside, as well as a card you can send back to whoever bought you the record, thanking them politely for the gift. I guess whoever got this record bought it for his or herself, and not as a gift. The orchestra and chorus behind Ray Middleton belong to Howard Barlow ("The Voice Of Firestone"), and the lyrics were written by Gerald Marks (writer of Is It True What They Say About Dixie, which I have been enjoying of late in a performance by Phil "Balloo" Harris). "Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Rabbinical Approval"!!!

Please download and enjoy this special track for Chanukah in August!

(This is part of a series???)


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