Sunday, July 30, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 30

Here we are, the next to the last day of Christmas In July. As promised, I have some more comedy for you today, including some actual funny stuff, plus one song, which isn't funny at all, but is actually quite good. So let's look and see what's in the zip file that you should start downloading before you read all this.

Track one is the actual song of the day. Winter Night by Eydie Gorme from Love Is A Season (ABC-Paramount ABCS-273, 1959). I spotted this LP today in a thrift store, and figured with a title like Love Is A Season, I would surely be able to find a holiday season song there-in. And sure enough, there it was. The copy I found was in mono, so when I came home I trolled through the archives, and sure enough I already had a stereo copy. Perhaps this is a sign that I have too many records. Or perhaps that I don't have enough. Anyhow, this was a very fortuitous discovery, as it's a great track. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Track two is perhaps the least funny of today's bunch, but I'm a completist so I'm throwing it in here. Family & Holidays by Pat Cooper from More Saucy Stories (United Artists UAS 6690). Only partly about Christmas, I'm afraid, but the Christmas part is about as funny as the whole bit gets. Listen and see for yourself.

Track three is moving up the funny meter a notch, but just one. Christmas Sing Along With Jose-Jingle Bells by Bill Dana from Jose Jimenez In Orbit-Bill Dana On Earth (Kapp KL-1257). Here's another example of why Political Correctness does have a place. Although it is slightly cute, this track's humor derives entirely from the poor English pronunciation of poor Jose. These days they wouldn't let Jose across the border, so maybe he's lucky to be in the US at all.

Tracks four, five and six are all pretty funny, and that's because they are all from The Smothers Brothers. These guys knew their funny from their, well, from their not funny. The earliest track is a warped version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town from the LP Think Ethnic! (Mercury SR 60777). Short, but sweet. The next track, also the longest, is Swiss Christmas from Curb Your Tongue, Knave! (Mercury SR 60862). Actually, this is two songs, as the song itself goes to great pains to explain. Last is another short snippet of humor called Santa Claus from Mom Always Liked You Best! (Mercury SR 61051). Do all Smothers Brothers album titles end with an exclamation point? These three do, and they are also all produced by David Carroll, who showed up earlier here at Christmas In July. This last Smothers Brothers track isn't really a song, just a short bit about the jolly fat man who always wants to give your kids some candy.

OK, next to the last day and you get six tracks. Not too shabby. Here's the link, now go enjoy yourself. More tomorrow.



    I've been searching for "Swiss Christmas" for a long, long time! It completes my trio of Smothers Brothers Christmas songs!

    Thanks Ern!


  2. What are the other two Smothers Brothers songs? Do I need to search them out?


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