Friday, August 04, 2006

The Best From Christmas In July

For those of you who didn't download all 31 days worth of shares I threw up in July, I put together a single-disc, single-download best-of. It's really pretty good, if I do say so myself. I've been listening to it for a few days now, and it's very listenable. Download and enjoy! (There's one track in there I didn't share out. I recorded it, but then decided not to share it since you can get it pretty easily on CD. But it fit into my theme quite well, so I hope it's OK if I put it on a compilation for you. Don't tell the RIAA though!)


  1. I'm still going to put together a 2 or 3 CD set with all the downloads put together... but this is icing on the cake!

    Thanks again Ernie!


  2. Any Chance of a track list??

    Missed the 31 days, but got the mix


  3. I left out the track listing on purpose. I wanted it to be a surprise, to see what I had chosen and what I had left out. Everything is well tagged, though, so if you download it and play it, you should get a list of what's there immediately. I recommend iTunes for playing, since it uses all the latest ID3 tags. Some of the other players out there only read the older tags.

  4. Hi Ernie,

    thanks so much for this. i know i am almost a year late, but as they say...better late than never right?

    this is a great compilation. is this all from albums you have shared? You certainly have quite the collection.

    strangely enough, one of the ones i really enjoyed is the version of "my favorite things" by enoch light and the brass menagerie. I played drums in high school and love drum corp and it reminds me alot of that...did they have a holiiday album by chance or was this song on another album. I guess it could be on another album since its not really christmas but somehow it has become to be...not sure how that happened.

    thanks again...i am really enjoying this wonderful mix. Its well put together!

    Have A Magical Day!



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