Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Finally, A Launch

In honor of the shuttle finally making it up to orbit today, here's a little something I shot in Vegas. This is part of the show at The Fremont Street Experience. It's a giant display erected over the entire Fremont Street, and once an hour they put on a show. This show was all about flight, starting with the Wright Brothers and ending with the space shuttle. To tell the truth, it wasn't all that impressive of a show. I caught a second one later with dancing girls and lots of fire, and it was much better. I tried to see the shuttle launch Saturday, drove all the way over to the east coast and was within 10 miles or so of the launch pad when they scrubbed it. It's usually only a three hour trip but it took 4 and a half to get there and more than 5 to get back, due to all the tourists out for the launch and the vacationers at the beach. I was sorely disappointed. But third time was the charm, and they finally got her into space today. Hopefully the landing will not be a problem.

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