Friday, July 07, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 7

Today's share rounds out the first week of my little Christmas in July Share-a-bration. I hope everybody is enjoying the music. Sorry it's coming out in such little chunks. We're back to two songs today, both from 5 Guitars, 50 Fingers-Directed By Mark White (Richmond Series RPS 39011). This label was entirely new to me when I came across five LPs on the same label in the same day, four in one store, and one at another. Don't ask me why I would buy several records I had never heard of for no reason other than I'd never heard of them. I can't answer that question... The internet hasn't provided much in the way of help with either the label or the various artists there-in, so if you know anything, I'd appreciate some info. They are marked "A Product of London Records", which is not a small label, but why create a sub-label like this? The music on all the records is interesting stuff in the stereo percussion vein so thoroughly mined by Command Records in the late 50's and 60's. Anyhow, that's beside the point. The two tracks aren't really Christmassy at all, but they have great names, Hot Toddy & Swingin' Shepherd Blues. Please download and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Why create a sub-label like this? This is pure, random, seat-of-my-pants conjecture, but here goes.

Way back in 1991, when the coffeehouse phenomenon was just starting to take off in my city, there was a popular local Italian restaurant that wanted to get into the game. But before they opened their first coffeehouse under their own name, they did a trial balloon under a different name. If it took off then great. If it didn't, well... at least they wouldn't have dirtied the name of the restaurant.

As it happened, they ended up opening a few shops under the restaurant's name, which lasted about 10 years until the big chains came in town and started stomping. Even though the coffee places have now closed (except for the first location which was bought outright by Starbucks) the restaurant still seems to be doing OK.

And I could be totally wrong here, too.