Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 12

Day twelve, four tracks, ten inch records. Yep, the tracks I'm sharing out today all came from 10" records, and I believe they are all reissues of tracks that originally came out on 78s. So, what are these tracks you ask?

Holiday by Frankie Carle from Piano Magic (Decca DL 5087, 1949)
Everyday Is Christmas by Joe Bushkin from Piano Moods (Columbia CL 6152, 1950) This is available on CD? Wow!
Gin For Christmas by Lionel Hampton from Lionel Hampton-A Treasury Of Immortal Performances (RCA Victor LPT 18, track recorded 1939) This one appears to be on CD, too.

And last, but not least, a track from one of our favorite Christmas artists featured last year:

Busy Holiday by The Three Suns from The Three Suns Play (Varsity 69108) or Twilight Time (Varsity/Royale VLP 6001)

The regulars around here might remember that I managed to pull together almost all of the Christmas music ever released by The Three Suns last year around here, except for A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas and a B-side that someone mentioned that I was unaware of. And then I found these two versions of the same 10" record with a track that isn't really Christmas related, but it has a holiday name. So I hope you all enjoy it. The best of the four tracks today is actually the Lionel Hampton one. It's easy for me to picture cartoon characters in B&W playing the music, which will make sense once you hear it. If it still doesn't make sense, then nevermind. I think it's also the oldest track yet featured here at E (NB). I can't remember anything older, but then most of these things don't have dates.

Oh, the link. I suppose you want that, don't you? Thanks to eveyone out there who's been downloading all my tracks, posting comments and even sending me private email. I enjoy sharing these tracks with you. And don't worry, there'll be much, much more around here come Christmas time.

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PDMan said...

The Three Suns can do no wrong!!!