Thursday, July 13, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 13

On the 13th day, Ernie went skating. Let's just hope it turns out better than when I tried my hand at skiing. Three tracks today, two about skating, which seems like something you might do around the holidays in colder climes, and one actual Christmas song from 'Mame' (No, it's not by Lucille Ball or Angela Lansbury.), you know the one. Here's the list:

The Skater And His Dog by Bernie Green from Musically Mad (RCA Victor LSP-1929, 1959) This is one of those Living Stereo releases that collectors tend to drool over. The cover features Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine fame.

Skatin' Waltz In Swing by Lawrence Welk from Dance Party (Wing MGW 12119) I don't think any collector has drooled over a Lawrence Welk album. Well, maybe the occasional completist, but rarely.

We Need A Little Christmas by The Monterey Brass from The Hit Songs From Mame (Diplomat DS 2385) I'm sure some of you are excited to see something from The Monterey Brass, so I hope you enjoy it. After a bit of hub-bub on FaLaLaLaLa last year over some Christmas Brass LPs, I've collected up a few and hope to share them out this Christmas. Keep your eyes open.

Anyhow, those are the shares for this evening. Please download them, and then enjoy them.

(Note to self: For future reference, I hit 80000 on the old hit-o-meter today. Half of those I got last Christmas, but I came by the rest of them fair and square.)


Stephen said...

Thanks again, Ernie! Not an hour after I read this post, I noticed that someone just posted "Musically Mad" on Injun's R_O_W (the post is in Russian, but the link is at the end of the post):

noone said...

Wow! What a great find, to uncover another Christmas song by the Monterey Brass. They are probably one of my favorite mexican brass groups, because of their unique, peppy sound.

BTW, when you get ready to share your other Christmas brass finds let me know....I hope to get some of mine (that haven't already been shared) to the FLLLL folks this fall and I don't want to share something you were planning on sharing. First, though, I'll have to dig out my record player from storage. ;)