Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 11

I wanted to share some actual bonafide Christmas music with you today, instead of my usual winter-themed or holiday-titled stuff, so how about a couple of versions of White Christmas? The first version is from Steve and Eydie, well, actually only Steve Lawrence is audible on the track, but this is from a promo giveaway LP called Songs From The Golden Circle (ABC-Paramount 311, 1960). There was also a non-promo version that I don't have, but it's the same music, I believe. Version two is from an odd LP by Yuji Takizawa called Tachikawa West NCO Open Mess (Crown PLW-103). Seems that Mr. Takizawa was a regular at the NCO club of a US airbase in Japan, and released this LP. I wish I knew more about it.

Oh, and just for kicks, there's also Gifts Are For Giving by Ian & Sylvia from Play One More (Vanguard VRS-9215, 1964). It's got a theme of gift giving, which is sort of Christmassy, I guess. Besides, I couldn't find another version of White Christmas. Please download this trifecta of tunes, and enjoy!

Update: I found a site with lots of photos from Tachikawa Air Base, which is now in use as an alternate government center in case some disaster forces the closure of primary governmental centers. There is a picture of a moose statue that is also featured on the cover of the LP I have, as well as a shot of the actual club.. I love the Web!

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