Saturday, July 15, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 15

Today is pretty much the halfway point for my little Christmas In July share-a-thon, so I hope you are all enjoying it. I know I'm enjoying trying to find all these records, but I'm barely staying ahead of the shares with my recording. Don't worry about me though, I'll manage somehow. Today's another four-share day, so let's see what I've got for you.

Wait For The Wagon by The 3-D's from Mormon Folk Ballads (Century V-17451) Century is a custom record production and pressing plant, so this is probably something put together privately by a Utah group. Oh, wait, here in small type on the front cover it says "Produced and distributed by the Department of Audio Visual Communication, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah". So there you go. From the crew cuts on the guys pictured on the sleeve, it's late 50's or very early 60's. The song itself isn't very Christmassy, but it was on a Christmas record we had as a kid, so it always makes me think of Christmas. Maybe it will do the same for you.

Sleigh Ride by Frederick Fennell Conducting The Eastman-Rochester Pops Orchestra from The Music Of Leroy Anderson Vol. 1 (Mercury MG50130) If you like Sleigh Ride, stay tuned. I've got plenty of versions coming. I threw this one in here just to get all of my Frederick Fennell stuff together.

Brazilian Sleigh Bells by Frederick Fennell Conducting The Eastman-Rochester Pops Orchestra from Music And Plunk, Tinkle, Ting-A-Ling (Mercury MG50338) I mentioned Brazilian Sleigh Bells in my last post, and it was this recording that made me aware of it. I knew of the song from a version by Ferrante & Teicher, but didn't know the author was Percy Faith. But back to the LP at hand. This is actually a collection of different artists performing some of the more noisy compositions for orchestra that they could dig up. I wish I could find it in stereo...

Children's March by Frederick Fennell Conducting The Eastman Wind Ensemble from the same LP as above. I threw this one in there because it has a small snippet of Jingle Bells in it near the beginning. You'll like it, I'm sure.

And here's the download link. Enjoy the music!

PS-I did manage to dig up a copy of Percy Faith doing Brazilian Sleigh Bells today. I'll get it shared out at some point, promise!

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