Thursday, December 01, 2005

Oodles of Doodles CLXI-Christmas 2005

Honest, this is a Christmas doodle. This soldier comes from the backside of Christmas At Home (Phillips B 07255 L). Pretty snazzy little bit of art there, depicting a hip soldier coming home from the PX with a rather large stack of records, probably all the latest releases from home. This LP appears to have been sold at the PX on a military base in Europe. The LP itself was pressed and printed in Holland, I think it was sold on US Air Force bases. You can see a copy of a letter from Jo Stafford below, printed on the backside of the LP also, talking about how she hopes the songs on the LP will bring some fond memories of home to the soldiers serving overseas. Besides Jo Stafford, this record features The Norman Luboff Choir, Rosemary Clooney, Percy Faith, Janetta Davis and others. You can see the cover to the album all the way at the bottom of the post. I was first attracted to this LP by the cool cover, with the lady popping out from between the Christmas trees. It was only later that I realized the military connections. And I'm not sure, but is that a grenade hanging in the tree by her left ear? OK, maybe not, but it's close... (I'd share this out, but I think it's just a compilation of things that were released elsewhere, sort of like those Goodyear Christmas records. You're not missing anything special now that you have the unique artwork.)


Inkydog said...

Capitol records had another compilation with the same title. Several copies are currently up on ebay.

Gardell Crawley said...

Ernie, Thank You for your blog. I have a copy of this album in my lap right now. I inherited from my father, who passed 11-11-08, Veterans Day, and we were stationed at Spangdahlem AFB, Germany from 1960-64. YEp, he bought the record at the PX. I'm writing a memoir of our times. Thanks, Aldric Crawley of Washingotn DC

Arch Hall Jr, Jr. said...

This christmas record is actually rare and semi-valueable. Paul Huf is a noted photographer and Ann Pickford is the model. Others in the series sell for 100+ dollars this one has sold for about 70. It's all the cover art nothing to do with the music on the record it's self.