Friday, December 02, 2005

'Twas The 23rd Night Before Christmas

OK, as mentioned, I did get the second-place finisher in my FaLaLaLaLa poll all recorded and I'm sharing it out. Those of you who saw the poll might remember that there were two covers to the record. I recorded the one above, The Caroleers-'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Diplomat SX 1720), and used that track order. The one below, The Caroleers-'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Diplomat SX 1720), lists all the same tracks, but in a different order. I didn't listen to them, but I'm pretty sure they are the exact same tracks. Either way, download it, listen to it and enjoy it.

Update: The folks who actually own this music have finally seen fit to release it on iTunes. Show please show them that you support legal downloads and go get it. Trust me, it sounds better than my scratchy old vinyl.


Anonymous said...

More proof that there's no such group as the Caroleers! Here we have two different choirs (recruited from local churches, no doubt) and then there are several tracks by our faux Perry Como pal Johnnie Corvo. The better choir is the one that sings some a cappella and some with a small combo (prominently featuring an accordion). They held it together well enough to come up with some pretty decent recordings. The other bunch, with the organ and chimes accompaniment, are committing crimes against music and should not have been permitted anywhere near a live microphone. Then there are the Johnnie Corvo tracks - full string section, nice arrangements, but spoiled by crummy backup vocalists.

I sure do wish I could understand the appeal of these SPC Caroleers albums. They're just SO slapdash . . . . .

Anonymous said...

i realize this is a year later but....these recordings were apparently popular during the early 60's, much like these days when christmas song recordings come out in droves during the holidat season...for those of us who grew up listening to them every year, they are of sentmental appeal more than strictly musical. i agree they are not the most polished recordings and some are even lyrically cheesy, but as children we didn't notice those things and as adults we are willing to overlook them for the childhood christmas magic they bring back year after year.