Monday, November 28, 2005

Santa? Martians? Huh?

OK, maybe you're tired of listening to the free music around here, and you want to relax and listen to something else. How about the record adaptation of Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (Golden Records SLP 170)? Yep, it's every bit as good (or bad) as the movie, and you get the great theme song, Hooray For Santa Claus, as a bonus (twice!). I only wish I had the comic book to share with you as well. But I can link you to to the movie, which is available for free download over at Imagine that, a record and a movie! Don't say I never gave you anything.


Anonymous said...

I have a cassette recording of this since I was a kid. This is the first time that I've seen the cover since the late 60's/Early 70's.

I've converted it to a MP3 file. As I'm typing this, I'm listening to Santa talking to the kids. They have just been put on board.

My 7 year old daughter loves it and can sing the theme song by heart.

IF you want it.. Just ask... I'd be more than happy to send it.

Anonymous said...

hello, i just found your blog on santa claus conquers the martians. i would love to have a copy of the song. if still available, send to


Ernie said...

You can download the song and the whole LP in the post above...

Anonymous said...

We have the LP and book for sale if you are interested