Sunday, November 27, 2005

One That I Missed

The King points out that there was a third cover for the 101 Strings-The Glory of Christmas LP I shared out below. So I had to run and find it. Believe it or not, that red color you see is velvet, or a reasonable imitation thereof. I've never see another velvet record sleeve, have you? This one is on the Somerset label, catalog number is P-7100. I think it predates the other two covers I posted.

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Anonymous said...

THIS is the copy I used to own when I was growing up...the velvet was COOL, maaannn...and the candle holders had ridged texture as well! The candle flame too!!! The album was in wretched shape (an non-gatefold sleeve that opened like one...ah, memories...) but I played the heck out of it EVERY year, skips, pops and all. When I found it on CD, I was ELATED, until I found that the record company (Alshire International Inc.) decided to bulk up the running time by adding some choral as well as organ and chimes stuff; no problem with that, EXCEPT that they intermingled that stuff in-between the 101 Strings stuff, completely disrupting the flow of my hands-down favorite orchestral Christmas album of all-time. Thank goodness for computer file storage - I just omitted all the 'extras' and put them into another file for whatever can be a good thing!! If you don't own this album, you don't love Christmas music...plain and simple.