Sunday, December 18, 2005

King The Second

I bet you didn't expect a second LP from the King Family today, did you? Well, I'm just full of surpises. Interesting how all the little kids in the cover photo on this one are looking at something over to their left instead of looking at the camera. I guess that's what happens when you have that many kids all together. There is quite a bit of overlap between this LP and the other one. One thing I didn't mention before is the song Hear The Sledges With The Bells, found on both LPs, which was based on a work by Edgar Allen Poe! I don't know how much liberty they took with his original work, but it's odd that an author more closely tied to Halloween would have authored a Christmas carol. But enough of the blah-blah-blah. Please give a listen to Christmas With The King Family With The Alvino Rey Orchestra, Conducted By Ralph Carmichael, Vocal Direction By Jimmy Joyce (Warner Brothers W 1627, 1965). More from Jimmy Joyce coming up before Christmas, I hope.

Note-The track list on the sleeve gets the first track on each side wrong. What did you expect? Quality control from a major label?

Update: Looks like this one is coming out on CD for the 2009 Christmas season. That means I'm pulling down the share, and I encourage you to go out and buy the CD. If we don't buy these things when they come out through legitimate channels, then they'll quite releasing them...

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