Tuesday, December 20, 2005

World's Greatest, Honest

Here's a unique record I picked up a while ago, again because I liked the cover. Sometime later, a friend was showing me vacation pictures, and she had a shot of her family in the exact same spot, only during the summer. Turns out this is a popular picture spot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I didn't recognize the names, so I figured it was a small one-off thing for friends or family, but I recently found a much earlier LP on Atlantic, I think, from the same group. A few minutes on Google and I realized these guys had quite a history. The music on this LP is pretty good, but nothing here is going to knock your socks off, like oh, say, the rest of the stuff I have scheduled for this week, but I think you'll enjoy it. Some of the tracks have a vocalist doing his best imitation of Satchmo, which is interesting, since Satchmo didn't record nearly enough Christmas music in his lifetime. Anyhow, please download and give a listen to The World's Greatest Jazzband Of Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart-Hark The Herald Angels Swing (World Jazz WJLP 5-2, 1972).

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HP said...

In the late 60s, Yank Lawson and co. recorded a number of 60s pop hits (Beatles, etc.) in Dixieland style. I know I've heard TWGJB doing an extremely disturbing Dixieland rendition of The Windmills of Your Mind. Unfortunately, I don't have any of this in my collection, or I'd share it. Still, it's something to keep your eyes and ears open for, if people with more talent than taste float your boat.