Friday, December 23, 2005

For The First Time

Happy Night Before the Night Before Christmas! To honor this special pre-night, here's a collection of 8 tracks, each allegedly recorded here for the first time, according to the liner notes. Many of them I'd never heard before, but I think you'll recognize a number that was to become pretty popular over the years, The Night Before Christmas Song. And that's far from the best track on this twin 7" set. There are actually two numbers on here that made it to my annual Christmas CD, which is pretty suprising. They were The Ames Brothers-Sing A Song Of Santa Claus and Don Cornell-I've Got The Christmas Spirit. The Ames Brothers track is a hit right out of the box, while the Don Cornell song sort of makes you think it's going to be a sleeper before he really opens up and starts to swing. And man does he swing! The other two artists on here are Johnny Desmond and Eileen Barton (who sings the Night Before Christmas song). So please download and give a listen to this perhaps historic recording, Merry Christmas From (Coral Records EC-82003). You'll catch the Christmas spirit in no time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ernie!
Thanks for all the work ripping, cleaning, tagging, uploading and blogging this year. You have provided Sanity with some sanity this year and lots of great music. May you receive in return manifold joy for that you have spread.
Your pal, Sanity

Anonymous said...

Not surprised those 2 tracks made their way into your annual CD. Real gems. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

thanx for your GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!
can u upload it again plz because the file is deleted???

Regards from Greece

Ernie said...

Not a problem. I'm working to get all of my old files re-uploaded before the season starts, but I've got so many out there now that it's hard to keep track. Hope you enjoy this one, it's a dandy!