Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas LP Cover Of The Year

I mentioned to you just a few minutes ago that Alvino Rey released one Christmas LP (in 1959), and this is it. It was released under the name Ira Ironstrings due to contract issues, and the secret was help pretty tightly until quite recently. When I got this LP several years ago, no one had ever heard of it. In the meantime, plenty of people have discovered it, and it's even been released on CD. So you should go out and buy it because it's really good. It's wacky, fun, intense stuff. Trust me, if you've enjoyed any of the stuff I've shared out, this is much, much, much better than any of it. I notice the CD reissue has a big record company logo slapped over the cool cover art, so be sure to save this picture so you can appreciate the unadorned cover.

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