Saturday, November 26, 2005

Another Great Cover With Kiddies

Here's another great cover that features some kids, and this time the music is worth at least one listen. I think the orchestra is great on this LP, but the singing children could be better. But what do you want for a record that cost me $0.50? Anyhow, for your download and listening pleasure, here's Cyril Stapleton And His Orchestra With Children's Chorus-Children's Christmas Album (Richmond S 30057).


Stephen said...

Thanks, Ernie! I'm going to make this one into a CD so my kids can listen to this in the car - instead of the dreaded Raffi CD that's been playing repeatedly... You're a life saver!

Anonymous said...

any chance you could fix the link for the larger scan of the sleeve?

Ernie said...

Blogger seems to have a problem with names that include spaces sometimes... But I've got this one fixed. Sorry it took me so long.