Thursday, November 24, 2005

Avon Calling!

Happy Thanksgiving Night, everybody. Unbelievably, my annual Christmas CD is already done this year. I was able to hand it out to the family at dinner today. But maybe some of you are still working on yours. (You do put out an annual Christmas CD, don't you?) And perhaps you are looking for a little bit of spoken word fun to spice things up a little, Well, from 1968, here's a guide to help you sell your Avon products. The first side (track 1) is all talk, and the second side (three tracks) is anonymous christmas music guaranteed to drive customers into a buying frenzy. OK, maybe not, but one can hope. Download it, and give it a listen. It's worth the price of admission. Whoops, almost forgot to mention, this is a 10" record.


Chester said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this one. This is the best Christmas download since The King's Caroleer share.

Merry Christmas Ernie (Not Bert)!

Andrew said...

This looks great! Any chance of a re-post? Thanks for all your Christmas sharity!