Friday, July 21, 2023

Christmas In July 2023-Part 21

Another day, another few songs. I think the count is up to eight songs today, but they are a bunch of tracks from artists I think I've been sharing all month with you. But it's still good music, right? The end of the month is coming up fast, but I've got a lot more to share with you before we get there.

1. The Ringing Belles-Rachael Kuivinen, Director-In Bethlehem 'Neath Starlit Skies (Wait's Carol)
2. The Shawnee Choir-Earl Willhoite, Director-Richard Lindroth, Accompanist-Soloist: Gertrude Hippler, Soprano-A La Nanita Nana
3. The Vanguard Singers-Put Down Your Guns And Listen!
4. Calls By Don Durlacher-Music By The Top Hands-Jingle Bells-Calls & Music
5. Coryell/Catherine-Father Christmas
6. Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin-Joachim Ngoi-Mbali Kule (Gloria In Excelsis Deo)
7. Iroquois Junior Public School Primary & Senior Choirs, Choir Director-Shirley Munroe-I Saw Three Ships
8. Jenson Publications-Here We Come A'Wassailing

Enjoy the music, and come back tomorrow!



  1. Replies
    1. I can always count on you, Buster. BTW-New look to the IA audio archive today. Interesting, some nice new features. :)

  2. The Larry Coryell / Philip Catherine item is a special nab, thanks! I've already added it to my maybe-this-year's-mix.

    1. It's a weird one, with the dot matrix cover art. I remember when you could get your own picture taken at the mall and printed out in dot matrix! :)

  3. On this particular day in the series, you missed your chance to feature Tony Bennett's version of White Christmas from his 1987 Bennett/Berlin album in tribute to him.

    1. That's a little late for me, and I'm sure I don't have it on vinyl. I think he had another hidden Christmas tracks somewhere, something like Christmas In Herald Square". Tickly little memory that isn't clear...


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