Thursday, July 20, 2023

Christmas In July 2023-Part 20

Time for part 20, are you excited yet? Do you have any favorites? Are you tired of this thing dragging out all month and wish it was over already? Well, not much longer now. Here are the next seven tracks in the series:

1. Father Dave-Oh Come All Ye Faithful
2. Red Garter-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
3. The Ringing Belles-Rachael Kuivinen, Director-The Holly And The Ivy
4. State Radio Orchestra Of The U.S.S.R.-Conducted By Samuel Samosud-Children's Chorus Under Direction Of V. Sokolov-Winter Holiday (Children's Suite): March - The Return
5. Marni Nixon-Orchestral Accompaniments By Ed Jurey-Snowflakes
6. Kawaiahao Church Choir-Pola'i E (Silent Night)
7. Kathy Lecinski-The Christmas Bell Story

The track by Kawaiahao Church Choir is from an album that I brought back with me from my trip to New Mexico last year. Only I could find an album by a Hawaiian church group at a Goodwill in Santa Fe, New Mexico, then bring it back to Florida to share with the world. Enjoy!



  1. I hope it wasn't 115 degrees in New Mexico when you were there, I couldn't bear it - I have a hard time with temperatures 30 degrees cooler.

    Nice selection, as always!

    1. It snowed on me when I was in NM. Their first snowfall of the year at the altitude of town. Of course you could see snow up in the mountains, but I never expected any of it to fall on me out of the sky...

  2. more, more, more! Christmas in July is wonderful....and a rich bounty of cool, snowy thoughts. Thanks!

    1. More is coming, I promise. Working as hard as I can to turn this heat into cold. A heat pump's work is never done...


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