Sunday, January 19, 2020

Cash N Carry

The share tonight was something I thought that only I had ever found, but it turns out Stubby shared this one with the world many years ago. Oh well, it's still a good share, and I'm sure some of you weren't around back then, so I'm throwing it back out there. After watching the Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line, I was left believing that Johnny Cash was an only child after his brother died in a sawmill accident.  But I guess his mother and Terminator father had at least one other child, and here is a Christmas flexidisc he released for a bank back in 1969. You wouldn't know it's for a bank just by reading the envelope it came in or the label, but there is a voiceover at the end of the second song where he talks about the bank (Dial Finance, now a part of Wells Fargo). It's pretty interesting stuff, and you get a couple of unique songs written just for this release allegedly. Lemme know how you like it.  This is Tommy Cash Sings Two Original Christmas Songs Written Just For You (Epic/Columbia Special Products 7" 45 RPM Flexidisc CV 10399, Mono, 1969).

1. Come On Home For Christmas
2. Let's Have An Old Time Christmas



Buster said...

Here's a comment:

I'm not sure I knew there was a Tommy Cash. Are we sure he really is a brother, or just a "Tommy Cash-In," as it were. (Although I suppose that would be the case if we was a brother, as well. If so, he probably heard that phrase every day for the entirety of his performing life.)

barba said...

a brother exploiting johnny cash’s fame? doesn’t surprise me. i remember back in the early 70s when johnny was riding high, suddenly this guy who had long-cultivated the image of a hard-living defender the downtrodden was on national tv commercials extolling the virtues of standard oil. (them rocky fellers? why they’re nothin’ but a bunch a good ol’ boys.) you could hear the echoes of “sell out” bouncing off mountain walls for months. now me, i’ve mellowed in my old age and have long since forgiven johnny for any moral indiscretions. in fact, i’ve come around to the position whereby if standard oil would offer me a free tank of gas every now and then, i’d gladly put in a good word for them as the occasion arose. for that matter, if the liquor store up the street would just ante up a bottle of good booze, i could do wonders for them.

clesher said...

Thanks for the share! Johnny had five other siblings: Tommy, Roy, Joanne, Reba, and Louise. Tommy had several top 40 hits in the 70s. Joanne is primarily a gospel singer and still performs around Nashville.