Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Broadway Baby

For my second library record share of the season, I present to you Miss Carol Channing. I've had this record for quite a few years no, but couldn't get a decent rip of it.  It would skip badly in the first minute or so, and I never got past that.  Finally I manged to get a good rip of it, and then surprisingly, I saw another copy.  But it was an expensive copy, so I made do with mine. Once I got past that first little bit, it played fine though.  I don't think you'll even be able to tell where I worked through the skips.  And it's a nice story or two here, I think you'll enjoy it. She was never my favorite guest star on The Love Boat, but she acquits herself quite nicely here. This is Carol Channing-The Year Without A Santa Claus (Caedmon TC 1303, Stereo, 1969). As I mentioned, it was a library copy, so there were stickers all over it.  I removed many of them, but some of them I just couldn't do much with. And there was a record-care card taped to the front of it, too. I cut that off, but left a scan of it in the share just for fun.

1. The Year Without A Santa Claus
2. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas (A Visit From St. Nicholas)
3. How Mrs. Sana Claus Saved Christmas
4. The Gingerbread Man



  1. What a treat! The unmistakeable voice of a departed legend. Thanks, Ernie!

  2. This one will prove that I may be over 39...despite what that lying piece of plastic in my wallet says...but that date would be the year of my first Christmas...

    I'm still active in THE Salvation Army kettle I listed on Lee's site (15th year at the same Smith's)...but changed the days off from Sunday/Monday to Saturday/Sunday... Due to the season being so short...the Smith's has decided to tack on an extra week at the end... Fitting for the end of my 15th kettle season...this will mark my first time as a New Year's Eve ringer...

    I told my lieutenant yesterday that I wasn't ringing in the rain today...despite Channel 8 volunteering to be at my spot... Basically...I said..."I'd ring in strong gale force snow...slightly cloudy or fair and sunny...but rain??? NNNNNOOOOO!!!" I just hope that kettle did well despite my absence...

  3. lol oh man thanks for this.

  4. i just wished she would have done a couple of songs but fun stuff thanks

  5. Love love story records. Thank you so much!


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