Monday, December 11, 2017

Rhymes With Sperry Domo

For the first time this year, I had the artwork for a share done before I recorded a single note.  Mostly because I thought I had already ripped this 45, but I was mistaken.  So when I went to share it, I couldn't find it.  I just sat down and ripped it real quick so I could get something new up tonight.  The title 'Kissing Bridge' may not sound like a Christmas song, but it is. And if you listen closely to the middle of the song, you'll hear a special guest star who shall remain nameless, but he's pretty well-known, I think you'll be able to figure it out.  My copy of this record was in a generic sleeve when I found it, but if you hunt around the net, there is a picture sleeve that features the disembodied, floating, bisected head of said guest artist.  It's weird.  Anyhow, this is The Fontane Sisters With Hugo Winterhalter-Kissing Bridge b/w Silver Bells (RCA Victor 7" 45 RPM 47-5524, Mono, 1953).



  1. I like it! But I can't figure out the mystery singer, Sperry Domo. Snooky Lanson? Speedy Gonzales?

  2. Bisection is always a nice holiday touch.

    Great music!

  3. As the Fontane Sisters did sing a very familiar Christmas song with a certain solo lead male artist about beginnings and looking a lot like something, I have an idea who we could be talking about? Sonny Bono? LOL!

  4. I wonder if Sperry is related to Perry Comma...

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  6. "Kissing Bridge" is a fun song! I found it on YouTube a few years ago before I found this blog earlier this year. Marge, Bea, and Gerri Rosse (their given last name) also cut "Silver Bells" during their hit-making days at Dot Records where they scored a #1 hit with their cover of Otis Wiliams and the Charms' "Hearts of Stone." Their records with Perry were charming and delightful and only produced a handful of clinkers ("I Wanna Go Home (With You)" anyone?

    1. I think it was Tim Neely himself who pointed out to me a few years ago that this track had been left off the 'complete' Perry Como RCA Christmas collection. There's always something else if you dig. I've since discovered a couple of RCA promos where he counts down to Christmas and intros a Christmas Seal record. Good stuff.


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