Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Montana The New

Here's a little something to go with my last post, though I don't think the two sound much the same.  This is another Christmas record headlined by Vincent Montana, Jr., this time in a much less disco much more smooth jazz vein.  There's certainly some good stuff on here, but it's very different from much of the stuff I share around here.  I'd never seen or heard of this one before, but I happened to stumble across two copies at a little antique mall in Ellicott City, Maryland, this summer.  This one came back with me in my carry-on, as frequently happens with me.  If you like the sound of vibes, I think you'll enjoy this one.  And it's quite long, too, for vinyl.  This is Montana Sextet-Christmas Time Is Here (Philly Sound Works PSW-LP004, Stereo, 1987).  That's much later than I usually like to share, but this it's still thirty years ago...

1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
2. The Christmas Song
3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
4. Christmas Time Is Here (Harp)
5. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
6. Snowfall
7. Little Drummer Boy Jam
8. Christmas Time Is Here (Vibes)



Patrick A. Reed said...

Thank you for this... I think?

(And, as ever, thanks for all the cool stuff you share out.)

Freddie Jaye said...

Sounds like a real treat, Ernie. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was expecting cheese but this is really good! The "Little Drummer Boy Jam" has a 1980s NY/Miami Freestyle sound, not something I have ever heard with a Christmas song.

Kwork said...

Something different for sure, but I don't mind it. Thank you!

James Cooper said...

Vibe-tastic!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

CaptainOT said...

NICE FIND! Thanks Ernie!

Ernie said...

New linkage:!tddjAKKb!0mnOQK0q1bKbpzuGkTflyOUKd88-sXcvlY762MBcP-Q

Geordie said...

This mega link seems to be for the Up With People share.

Ernie said...!AccnCCzZ!F2eTuXbASqsPsdYl440_GbUbGn_cqEqMgkZUIRUKsUA

Try that one.

Geordie said...

Awesome! Thanks.