Friday, December 22, 2017

Not Jiminy

A share from the request lines, one that I hadn't thought of for a long time, so it got my attention.  When I first posted this back in 2012, I didn't know who Abbe Lane was, but now that I do, I'm always on the lookout for her stuff. She was one of the wives of Xavier Cugat, performing vocals on a few of his 1950's albums, and she released a couple solo albums on RCA that are worth your time to track down.  Unfortunately, her tracks is one of several that aren't exactly Christmas songs, but enjoyable nonetheless.  There are lots of other names on here, from Danny & Marlo Thomas to Ed Ames & The Norman Luboff Choir.  (Speaking of Luboff, I just reupped an old share that I re-released last year that you might enjoy as a companion to this one.)  So if you don't have it already, please download and enjoy Cricket On The Hearth (RCA Victor LSO-1140, Stereo, 1967).

1. Danny Thomas-The First Christmas
2. Ed Ames-Don't Give Your Love Away
3. Abbe Lane-Fish 'N' Chips
4. Maury Laws Orchestra-A Waltz For Christmas
5. Danny Thomas-Through My Eyes
6. Marlo Thomas-That Was Yesterday
7. Danny Thomas & The Norman Luboff Choir-Cricket On The Hearth
8. Marlo Thomas-Smiles Go With Tears
9. Maury Laws Orchestra-Parade Of The Toys
10. Ed Ames-Through My Eyes
11. The Norman Luboff Choir-The First Christmas



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  2. I've been enjoying all of your reshares! Some I'd missed the first time and some I'd completely forgotten about and am rediscovering - thanks for reminding me! Sorry I haven't been commenting - my job is killing me this year. I can't wait until Christmas is over so I can finally enjoy some Christmas music!

  3. Thanks Ernie! I just watched the cartoon with my daughter, and she'll love being able to listen to the songs again.

  4. Thanks for this and the Luboff. Now to put television to work for me!

  5. Ernie, thank you for all you do! Merry Christmas!

    Have you seen the "Jingle Bell Rocks" Christmas music documentary?

    Nice film about Christmas record collectors.

  6. Also check out the documentary "Vinyl" by Alan Zweig

    Again, thanks for sharing!

  7. Had to thank you one more time! Really enjoying these. Glad others are too :D

  8. Oh, yes! Love this one, and a worthwhile choice for another spin. Thank you!

  9. to bad Cricket On The Hearth link has expired : (


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