Sunday, December 17, 2017

Half Christmas

Here's a fun share for your Christmas parties, most of which I've probably missed already.  But just in case, you can download this one and play it to get the dancing started.  It's only about half Christmas tunes, with a little bit of seasonal stuff as well, some fake Latin tunes, and all done in fairly long and interesting medleys.  I'm sure this would have gotten even the saddest wallflower up off the sidelines back in the day and out onto the dance floor.  So give a listen, won't you, to Bobby Roberts And His Orchestra-Holiday Music For Happy People (Decca DL 78818, Stereo, 1958).  I had two copies of this, and I'm not sure which one I ripped, but one of them had the neat pink Special Pressing label that I'm showing you below.  Scans of both this and the regular label are in the download.

1. Medley: Jingle Bells; Just In Time; The Best Things In Life Are Free; Jingle Bells
2. Decoraciones De Pascuas
3. Medley: Twelve Days Of Christmas; It's Delovely; I Whistle A Happy Tune; Sunny Side Up
4. Arbol De Navidad
5. Medley: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer; You're The Cream In My Coffee; Are You Havin' Any Fun; Button Up Your Overcoat; Jingle Bells
6. Medley: Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight; The Old Grey Mare; For He's A Jolly Good Fellow; Oh Dem Golden Slippers
7. Ano Nuevo Cha-Cha-Cha
8. Medley: Shall We Dance?; Dancing In The Streets; Bistro Bounce; Dance Only With Me
9. Felicidades Cha-Cha-Cha
10. Medley: Auld Lang Syne; Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here; Goodnight Ladies; Auld Lang Syne



Kwork said...

Interesting. Thank you so much!

barba said...

now i know why they invented ritalin.

Kevin said...

This looks great! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa, I mean, Ernie,
Thank you for the lovely Christmas treats. I'm still catching up with the Christmas in July items! This is slow going for me since I'm off the grid. I come to the library to read your blog and capture some of the treasure, then I take it home on a flash drive and use a generator to access my late father's old Dell computer, offline. It is quite a thrill when you post my old records so I can listen to them again. My battery operated Mp3 player is FULL of happy holiday songs.
Very appreciatively yours,
Little Library Elf

CaptainOT said...

I remember this album well...

Ernie said...

I'm sure that's where I first learned of it, Cap'n! ;)

Ernie said...

MEGA link for 2018:!kcVSVaoI!9a05rPdeeJXndWMsqj2wMbibiSclFLqYxhR8m1FJb18