Saturday, December 31, 2016

More Boxed Music

Just in case you needed still more music box Christmas songs, here is the second album of music recorded from the collection of Rita Ford.  I don't think I had ever seen this one before yesterday, or at least I hadn't seen this cover, the original.  I think it may have seen reissues over the years with different covers, but this is the one that came out way back in 1962.  For some reason, they decided that the main Columbia label was too good for a collection of music box melodies, so this time around they put the music out on their 'budget' arm, Epic. Not the worst thing that could happen, I suppose, at least the music got out there.  This is Music Box Wonderland-Christmas With Rita Ford's Music Boxes (Epic BN 26022, Stereo, 1962). Don't forget the two other albums of music box melodies shared earlier in the year, here and here.

1. Silent Night, Holy Night
2. Adeste Fideles
3. O Tannenbaum
4. Each Year The Christ Child Is Reborn
5. Non Danket Alle Gott
6. Nazareth
7. Old Hundred
8. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
9. Christmas Lights
10. Ihr Kinderlein Kommet
11. The Holy City
12. O Sanctissima
13. Monastery Bells
14. Ora Pro Nobis
15. Star Of Bethlehem



SWSPOILER3 said...

Thanks for sharing this one. How odd That Epic first issued this and later on (1972?)it was reissued on the Harmony (Columbia) label. I just recently found a promo copy of "The Story Of Christmas" on the Columbia label. Another fine album.

Ernie said...

Epic and Harmony were both budget labels of Columbia at one time. I think Epic was mostly new releases, Harmony was reissues.

SWSPOILER3 said...

I thought Epic was it's own label.Learned something new. Thanks.

Freddie Jaye said...

Thanks, Ernie! I never knew this one existed.

I like the sound of music boxes in small doses, so these are perfect for sprinkling into a Christmas mix. A good change of pace from the "usual" instruments and vocals.

Ernie said...

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Lennonka said...

Thank you very much! Have a nice day!