Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ernie's New Wantlist

I've been promising to update the wantlist for a while now, and I guess since the worst of the sharity season is up, I'll go ahead and work on that.  As before, this list is a work in progress.  I'm always adding names to it, always finding things on here, changing my mind, etc.  And as before, I'm usually looking for a hard copy of things, since I've probably already got it on MP3, but you never know.  Just drop me a line or leave a comment about anything you may or may not see here, I'm happy to answer any and all inquiries, though it may take me a bit.

Jimmy McGriff-Christmastime (MLP-1888, his other, almost unknown Christmas LP on the Jell label.)
Jo Stafford-The Joyful Season (ST 2166, the stereo version. I have a mono copy of the vinyl.)
June Christy-This Time Of Year (Believe it or not, I don't have this on vinyl...)
The Quinto Sisters-Any of their non-LP singles, please
Burl Ives-Christmas At The White House (The version with the narration, please!) Got it!
Reginald Foort-Christmas In Your Heart (United Artists UAS-5057, the stereo version!)
Krastel Pie-Christmas Dreams b/w Get Out Of Town (Super K 7" 45 RPM SK 98) 
A Midnight Christmas Mess Volume 3 (I scored the other two already!)
Spike Jones-Socko The Smallest Snowball/A Barnyard Christmas (RCA Victor Single)
Akira Ishikawa-Drum Christmas Drum (Longshot, but maybe...)
Any other Japanese Christmas LPs you might have laying around.  Anything Asian in fact.  Just curious to see if something cool turns up.
Bob McGrath-Several Japanese Christmas Singles (From his pre-Sesame Street days.)
Paul Anka-Christmas In Japan (Single from Japan, but appears to have seen limited release in the States as well.)
Any of the Mexican entries in the Goodyear Tire Christmas comps.  I have two of them, want to run the series! (And Firestone, I guess.  Found volume 3 in that series recently, it's completely different from the US version.)
The Statesmen-White Christmas b/w Santa Claus Song (Would love a hard copy, but I haven't even heard it. Odd that a southern gospel group would record a secular Christmas single like this.)  

Tommy & Dick (The Smothers Brothers)-The Christmas Bunny (1969) (This one doesn't even show up at Discogs, but it does exist. Maybe you have a copy? Spiro T. Agnew had one!

That's a start.  Please, drop me a line before you spend any money on any of these.  I'm cheap and I may have found a copy already.  Thanks for reading! If you really wanna see a long list, have a look at my wantlist over at Discogs!


  1. My copy of Grandma Moses is the same as yours - it's one I always keep an eye out for, so if I ever find a stereo copy, it's yours.

  2. Ernie (Not Bert),

    Well, you said "Any other Japanese Christmas LP's you might have lying around" so despite the fact that this file is actually a promo CD from 1996 I'm taking liberties with "LP" meaning long playing and not vinyl long playing as was its original definition. It's not wholly Japanese in content but was produced in Japan and has a few Japanese artists on it. Before presenting this strange Christmas anomoly I must thank you for all the work you've put into finding, ripping and posting the music you do. It is appreciated. Thank you!


    Xmas-V.A.-The Christmas Album-1996-(VBR).zip


  3. Thanks for that. Japan must truly be a weird, wonderful place!

  4. Freaky Deaky! Thanks, Rexx - that's a weird and wonderful album of US- and Japanese extremists, love it! :)

  5. Are you looking for any of Mitch Miller sing a long albums?

  6. Mitch Miller? No, thanks. I have quite all the Mitch Miller I need. Though I do have one early Columbia single of his that I need to share while it's still Christmas...

  7. Very good. I was just willing to share.

  8. Hi Ernie, I'm just putting out some Christmas LPs at Mole's Records in Cinci OH. We've got a nice mono copy of T1605 June Christy This Time of Year. $8 + shipping if you still want it. $4 for parcel post cheap or $7 for 1st class/priority. It's VG [not mint and better than good]. -Ben. Best to text me 513-470-5555 or write to our FB page. https://www.facebook.com/Moles-Record-Exchange-849842118363862/ Cheers- Ben.

  9. Thanks for thinking of me, but that's a little steep for me. I'm a big fan of the dollar bin. :)

  10. Hi Ernie!
    First off, hello! Glad to see you're still active as ever on here! Christmas is much more festive because of you.
    Second, thank you for all of your amazing work and shares. It's much appreciated in a corporate world filled with boringly repetitive and bland holiday music programming.
    Third, are you still looking for a stereo copy of the Beers Family lp? I'll gladly send it to you as appreciation for all you do for your readers.
    Best, Pete L.

  11. Hi Pete, good to hear from you. Yes, I do still need a stereo copy of that one. Drop me a line!

  12. Eydie Gorme — Let Me Be The First To Wish You Merry Christmas


    Greetings Gerard

  13. Thanks for that. I have the MP3, too, still looking for a 45 of my own. :)

  14. Hi Ernie!

    I looking forward to the first shares! My life is not too well these days, but your discs will always make me feel better.
    When will the first come?

    Best wishes!

  15. Howdy! I have acquired "Christmas music For The Winter season" Halo #51500 by "Concert Orchestra Recorded In Europe,"copyright 1958. How can i get it to you? Thanks for all you do!

  16. Thanks, but I don't think that one's on my list anywhere. I think Lee shared it out over at his blog before.


    Thank you for thinking about me! :)

  17. I don't know if you'd be interested, but since it's rare, I thought I'd share this Christmas song by Miyoshi Umeki (sung in Japanese and English) circa 1954. I can email the mp3 if you would be interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfYRvZP3bmA

  18. I believe I have that Jimmy McGriff record. Recorded it a number of years ago for friends and family, which I do annually.

    Will let you know.

    Paul Easton, Skokie IL

  19. Paul, that record has been on my list for a while now, so if you have it, that would be awesome! :)

  20. You do not have the harlem children's chorus on your list.
    Do you have their LP?
    I Just know their song "Black Christmas" and maybe the others are fine too.

  21. Frit-Thanks for the comment. I have that LP somewhere, I remember ripping it at one point, but then I promptly misplaced it and haven't seen it since. I suspect it's in a moving box somewhere mixed in with some non-Christmas stuff tucked away in storage. But I don't remember anything else on there being as good as that one track. I'd pick it up if I saw it again though. :)

  22. Hey Ernie it's Evan from Artpool -- I just came across a 7" of Judy Garland singing "have yourself a merry.." -- it's not the first press which is I guess rather rare, but still Decca in the early 60's. Drop me a line if that's of any interest :)

  23. Hi Ernie, it is Brian from Ohio, Always love your holiday posts and reposts. My copies of these are now artwork that are in storage at the moment, but here are three albums (from the now defunct in the USA) Carling Brewing Company. My father worked in the original Cleveland Brewery, so we listened to the first album over and over and over again. Had to find five copies of the first one that were worth recording, but one of my and my brothers' favorite songs, that was never credited but was able to research was "John Eastman - May Santa Fill Our Hearts". I am sure this locally produced album is worth your time researching. The other two were commercially produced for the Maryland Brewery.
    Carling - Sing Out With Carling Happy Holidays Ahead (39) - 1961
    Carling - Happy Holidays. The Music of Christmas - Volume 1 - RCA (PR129) - 1962
    Carling - Happy Holidays. The Music of Christmas - Volume 2 - RCA (PR147) - 1963

    1. Hi Brian from Ohio! Thanks for the note. Cool that your family has a personal connection to this brewery and these records. I'm sure I have the two RCA versions, and I think I have the Design record but I'll have to take a look in the collection tonight. That Design label was notorious for re-releasing stuff over and over again, and either omitting or making up new credits for the things each time. :)

    2. The Design label featured the Carling's Holiday Man, of which I have two lighted thin plastic characters.

    3. Cool, those are probably worth a few dollars at this point. Call Mike from the Pickers show! :)


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