Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The T Word

I'll probably regret this, as my ISP is sure to object, but I turned all the torrents back on.  That means everything I shared out two years ago, all 124 records (give or take), are now up for grabs.  So search through the archives and see if there's anything in there you missed.  And don't forget to let them seed for a while, your fellow Christmas aficionados will thank you.


barba said...

torrent for phillips 66 tijuana xmas works. seeding. thanx. you pump ethyl.

looks like easter eggs from 2013 have expired. :-(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning these on-I'm having some trouble with the trackers, which one should I be on? The Jen & Ernie 2013 torrent has 3. I'm especially trying to get the Free Design record.

Also, have you seen the Edyie Gorme and Los Panchos record?

barba said...

for what it's worth, the phillips 66 file in my bittorrent 'completed file'- has been inactivated. not by me. i thus tried another torrent file from here and it came up a cropper. i'm an old guy who came late to computers, and i'm not good at diagnosing computer problems. but i have the feeling that the problem is not at my end. everything else here looks okay. hope you can keep those things active.

barba said...

torrents working again for me.

my last post on the subject.

worth checking out if you use torrents. your mileage may vary.

the 3 suns "uncle mistletoe" leaves me speechless.