Thursday, December 04, 2014


I don't know why, but someone requested this oldie from 2007.  Blech.  Download at your own risk. This is The Music City Choral And Orchestra With Lead Vocals By Troy Green-White Christmas And Other Holiday Favorites (Modern Sound Christmas Album #4).  This one may actually be on CD, I've seen some of these Modern Sound things show up here and there.  They were budget then and they're budget now. I see that I didn't even do a good job of making the sleeve look presentable.  Heaven knows what the music must sound like.  Like I said, let the buyer beware!



Steve Turner said...

Thanks for sharing this. The well lived in grooves sound great echoing through my place. And thanks again for your work in recording these albums. Very much appreciated! Steve

Mark Spencer said...

My favorite blogger has returned! Welcome back, and thanks for sharing!

Craftypants Carol said...

thanks for everything you share. even if it's kinda sub par of whatever - i love having these sorts of things in my massive xmas itunes mix.

so thanks x 10000! for all the albums ive downloaded and not thanked you for too!!