Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A Handy Tip

If you're looking for something to download besides Christmas music, head on over to Willard's Wormholes.  He's sharing the entire series of Warner Bros. Loss Leader albums from the late sixties through the early 80's.  This is a great series that introduced several generations of record buyers to what was new and cool, with quite a bit of wit and subversiveness thrown in for good measure, often through liner notes penned by Dr. Demento.  And if you insist on Christmas content, dig deep for tracks from Arlo Guthrie, The Beach Boys and Martin Mull. If I'm excited about it, you know it's got to be good!  Well, maybe...


Anonymous said...

Wormhole is right - there goes the possibility of my getting anything done today! Thanks, Ernie!

Traitor Vic said...

Yeah, Baby!!!

Thanks so much for the notification! I'm already Christmas Only by this point, annually, so I probably wouldn't have stumbled onto this until sometime around June, 2015.

I had posted a rip of the final installment, "Troublemakers", over at The Tuna Melt back around 1997 or so, but have never seen any of the others posted anywhere.

I promise, and please share with Santa if he asks, that I'll put off diving too deeply into this pile for long enough to post a few Christmas rips in the next couple of rips.

Thanks Again & Merry Christmas, Ernie!

- Traitor Vic

JustaJeepGuy said...

Wow, thanks for the tip on Willard's Wormhole! I already have what you're posting now, but I spent a while at the library the other day with the W-B Loss Leaders. I've wanted some of those albums for forty years!

Anonymous said...

All right! I can't tell if you've run across The Roches – We Three Kings. Some great vocal harmony, it was posted a few weeks ago in the readers links #159.

Also, glad to read here that The Three Suns Ding Dong Dandy Christmas tracks are available for purchase. I want to see if these mp3's are a little cleaner than the earlier copies (sometimes the bells got maxed out or 'clipped'.) Thanks and best wishes. DH