Sunday, December 09, 2012

Singles Sunday #19-Full Moon

If it weren't for his Christmas music, I doubt if anyone would remember Art Mooney these days. And I have a feeling more people remember his child vocalist, Barry Gordon, than they do poor old Art.  But at least they remember the music, and that's what counts.  This EP rounded up four Christmas sides that Art recorded for MGM, sometime in the late 50's, I think.  Was there a picture sleeve for this?  Probably.  I think MGM released a handful of collections like this, rounding up random Christmas sides.  I've got a couple of others, and I wish I had more.  In addition to a couple of tracks with Barry, one song here features Laura Leslie, and one other song features lots and lots of banjos.  You've been warned.  This is Art Mooney And His Orchestra-Nuttin' For Christmas EP (MGM 7" 45 RPM X1173, Mono).

1. Nuttin' For Christmas
2. Santa Claus Looks Just Like Daddy
3. The Candy Land Parade
4. Jingle Bells



Regularjoe said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kwork said...

I agree. Please reload to MF or find another more stable host. Thank you.

Tanktop said...

Thanks for the valiant effort, Ernie:)

KL from NYC said...

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Try not identifying the zip cover and the folder underneath the zip.