Saturday, December 15, 2012

Electric One Point Five

OK, I'm hoping that by now you've downloaded and listened to my previous share of Christmas music played on the Moog Synthesizer. Now download and listen to this one. Sound familiar? When I was first recording this one, I thought I'd stumbled onto some great, new, undiscovered Moog Christmas record. What I'd actually discovered was a rehash of Sy Mann's LP, with some kids singing Spanish over top of it. Further research turned up even more rehashing.  I think they took the version of Tijuana Christmas from this other LP (which is itself just wordless vocals over the Moog version) and again added some very minimal kiddie singalong.  Gotta love budget labels! Anyhow, it's still well worth your listening, so go download Los Mensajeros De La Alegria-Navidades Blancas (White Christmas) Cantan Y Tocan Los Mensajeros De La Alegria (Mr. Pickwick (Pickwick) SPC 1506, Stereo, 1973).  By the way, I lucked out and found a copy that still had the original tear-off sheet attached.  I've included scans of it in the download.  Print it out and you can make your own decorations in the shape of the three kings!

1. Santa Claus Muy Pronto Llegara (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town)
2. Navidad Tijuana (Tijuana Christmas)
3. El Niño Del Tambor (The Little Drummer Boy)
4. Navidades Blancas (White Christmas)
5. Al Mundo Paz (Joy To The World)
6. ¿Que Niño Es Este? (What Child Is This?)
7. Rodolfo, El Siervo De La Nariz Roja (Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer)
8. Hoy Es Navidad (Jingle Bells)
9. Angels Cantando Estań (Angels We Have Heard On High)
10. Noche De Paz (Silent Night)
11. Cosas Que Me Hacen Feliz (My Favorite Things)
12. Campanas De Navidad (Christmas Bells)



  1. What's next?? Menudo singing over Andre Kostelanetz??? (I love this!!!)

  2. Brew a couple more pots of coffee,'re on a ROLL!!!

  3. I love Anonymous' Andre Kostelanetz comment -- but don't let Sony hear about it, they might get ideas.


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