Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Christmas In July 2012-Part 4

Hello, kiddies, it's that time again, time for another edition of Christmas in July!  It's July 4th, but it's raining outside, so fireworks may not be an option this evening.  If you're rained out, put on some nice Christmas music and take a rest from the heat before you have to get up and go back to work tomorrow.  Let's see what old Ernie Claus has in his bag for you tonight.

1. Satin Doll from Art Mooney And His Orchestra from Jump For Joy! (Kapp KS-3405, Stereo, 1964).  A swingin' version of the Ellington number.  Not much to do with Christmas, but nice.

2. It Happened In Sun Valley by Bob Scobey's Frisco Jazz Band-Vocal By Clancy Hayes from the LP Swingin' On The Golden Gate (RCA Victor LPM-1448, Mono, 1957).  I like this song, I don't think you hear it enough.

3. The Deepening Snow by Bobby Bare from the album Constant Sorrow (RCA Victor LSP-3395, Stereo, 1965), on which Bobby pretends he's Johnny Cash judging by the cover.  Lots of Dylan covers on this one, too.

4. Christmas Carol by Children's Choir Under The Direction Of Mabel Stewart Boyter from A Joyful Sound-Songs For Children (Word W-3137-LP, Mono, 1961).  Another nice track from this LP.

5. Boar's Head Carol by Chamber Singers-Robert Summer, Conductor from their LP University Of South Florida Chamber Singers And University Singers (Suncoast Recording Service KM4471, Stereo, 1979).  Another track from another LP that I got a whole handful of tracks from.  How else do you think I share out so much music?

6. O Little Town Of Bethlehem by The Choir Of The First Presbyterian Church Of Dearborn-Alexander J. Turco, Organist And Director from Carols And Anthems (Artie Fields Productions H-1496/1497, Stereo, 1967).  Yes, third track in a row...

7. One Little Candle performed by Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians-Joe Marine, Soloist from their album Songs Of Inspiration (Decca DL 8709, Mono, 1958).  I appear to have misspelled Inspiration in the track tags.  What kind of shoddy job am I doing here?  Couple more Fred Waring songs coming up later on in the month.

8. O Come, O Come Emmanuel by James W. Keane from the carillon LP Bells Over Rochester-The World Famous City's Carillon (Tom Jones Recording Studio TJS-11975-A/B, Stereo, 1975).  I always try to squeeze a few carillon tracks in here for you, I hope you appreciate that.  :)

9. Everyday Is Christmas, a classic from Joe Bushkin With Rhythm Accompaniment from the album Piano Music For Two (Columbia CL 602, Mono, 1954).  I think I've shared this before, but not from this LP.

10. June In January from Leo Addeo And His Orchestra and the LP Great Standards With A Hawaiian Touch (RCA Camden CAL-672, Mono, 1962).  Good luck finding a Leo Addeo album that doesn't feature music somehow tied to Hawaii.  They exist, but there aren't many.  Not that it's a bad thing, I'm just mentioning it.

11. Exotic Night, and oddly titled version of What Child Is This?, which is actually just different lyrics for the ancient tune Greensleeves, performed by Martin Denny from the album Exotica Classica-For Those In Love (Liberty LRP-3513, Mono, 1967).  I shared this out ages ago, only in Stereo.  Perhaps I should have waited to find a stereo copy before re-doing it, but I figured why not?  I get impatient sometimes.  Oh, and I couldn't find my original copy.  It's here somewhere, but finding anything in this collection is a challenge.

12. Baby, It's Cold Outside from Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme from the LP We Got Us (ABC-Paramount ABC-300, Mono, 1960).  Speaking of stereo/mono, this is something I've kept an eye out for in stereo for ages, but never found one.  I'll just have to keep looking, I guess...  Oh, this one is a rerun as well.

13. Toyland-March Of The Toys by The Troubadors from the LP Great Melodies From The Operettas Of The Century (Kapp KL-1098, Mono, 1960).  Nice version, this.

14. Danse Arabe (From "The Nutcracker") by Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra from The King Plays Some Aces (RCA Victor LSP-1882, Stereo, 1958).  A rerun, but still nice.  As far as I know, other than a couple pieces from The Nutcracker on this LP, Xavier Cugat never recorded any Christmas music.  Anyone care to prove me wrong?

There you go.  How's everyone liking the music this year?  I think there's some good music here, some good sound, and a nice selection.  I love being able to bring you long and varied playlists, you can really enjoy each download on it's own, listening to half an hour or so worth of music at a time.  Lemme know what you think.  Here's the linky-link for tonight.


Happy Independence Day, America!


Badgercat said...

Thanks Ernie. Just had more than my fill of a celebratory feast. Now on to some Christmas music in July!

Rick R. said...

Your music collection never ceases to amaze. Thanks for the great shares!

The Blue Carbuncle said...

Real men aren't afraid of indoor fireworks! ;-)

Sally June said...

these are fully awesome!

Steinar said...

With reference to "How's everyone liking the music this year?" ... "Enjoy each download on it's own, listening to half an hour or so worth of music at a time."

As I'm writing it's September - and days are getting shorter up here north (in Norway...where the real Santa Claus live!).

At this time we start enjoying our indoor-hobbies - by the mid of November and up to new year (and even beyond) the music you have selected will do perfectly as a fine non-stop music radio in my Winamp. Thanks a lot!