Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gas Girl

I don't often shoot people pictures, especially of folks I don't know, but I recently came across this shot of a girl I saw at Sun-N-Fun in Lakeland earlier this year.  Clearly, she was worthy of a picture and didn't seem to mind.  Her job was to fuel the airplanes on the flightline, and she stayed busy since for the week of Sun-N-Fun, Lakeland Linder Regional airport is the busiest in the world.  And she wasn't just for show, either, her and her associate were driving around in the big Shell Oil truck, pulling hoses, hopping on wings, doing whatever it took to get those pilots their fuel.  Look close at the shot above and you'll see that she's assisting the pilot as he puts fresh fuel into his historic Corsair.  She wasn't just smiling for me, either, there were easily a dozen people shooting her like she was a pinup girl posing with the classic warbird.  I but she gets really nice tips from those happy pilots!

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