Thursday, June 28, 2012

Christmas And A Half 2012-Part 4

And that brings us to the final little bit of my Christmas And A Half Celebration, the last 18 tracks to bring us up to 78, all from 78s, both 10" and 12".  What's left here in my playlist?  Lots of flipsides to things I've already shared, but still plenty of good stuff that I'm happy to share.  Here we go...

61. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus-Patti Page With Orchestra Under The Direction Of Jack Rael.  OK, so shoot me, I shouldn't be sharing this one from 1950, but here it is.  Enjoy!

62. Happy Little Songs-Skip To My Lou, Polly Wolly Doodle, Arkansas Traveler, Jingle Bells-Mark Warnow And His Hit Parade Orchestra.  Only a little bit of Christmas on this one from 1945, the flip side to the Mark Warnow/Dick Todd I shared back on day 1.

63. Frosty The Snowman-Meadowlarks.  Budget label goodness! They crammed four tracks onto this 10" 78 that I was unable to date, and they're all pretty good.

64. (I'm Gettin') Nuttin' For Christmas-Ricky Zahnd & The Blue Jeaners With Tony Mottola Orchestra.  Are they all flip sides today?  Not quite, but close.  This one is from 1955's glut of covers of this hit for Barry Gordon.

65. I Wanna Do Something For Santa Claus-Johnny Bond.  Yes, the flip of the 1950 record from Bond that I shared earlier.  Another great track.

66. It's Christmas Time Again-Peggy Lee With Orchestra And Jud Conlon's Rhythmaires.  Yes, another one I shouldn't share, this time from 1953, but at least it's not a b-side.

67. A Letter To Santa-Bill Cook.  Also a flipside, also from 1950.  Ditto.

68. Little Merrie Christmas-Kathryn King With Savoy Orchestra.  Another flip, are you tired of them yet, this time I couldn't put a date on it.

69. The Night Before Christmas-Basil Rathbone With The Robert Mitchell Boychoir.  Another b-side from 1939, by Sherlock Holmes.

70. Santa Claus Tells About His Toy Shop-Gilbert Girard.  Another b-side, not by Buck Rogers in the 25th century, but a different Gil Girard in 1918.

71. Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney-Jimmy Boyd Accompanied By Norman Luboff.  Is this the B-side to one I've already shared, or another record altogether from Jimmy?  I'm too lazy to look. 1953 for this one.

72. Silent Night, Holy Night-Frances Langford With Eddie Dunstedter At The Organ.  Another flip from Frances the talking mule.  No, wait, that's not right.  Sorry, I'm being irreverent.  This is from 1938.

73. Snowflakes-Guy Lombardo And Evelyn Knight And The Royal Canadians.  I've since found this one on 45, so you may hear that version come Christmas and you can compare the two.  This is a rare one in today's playlist in that it's not the flip side of something I've already shared.  And it's from 1951, FYI.

74. Story Of The Magi-Carmel Quinn & Kevin Shanahan With Jimmy Carroll's Orchestra And Chorus.  This track is credited as being written by Felix and Boudleaux Bryant!  Who'd a thunk it!  I shared out the flip side of this 1954 record earlier this week.

75. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas-Art Carney.  Yes, another flipside and a really great oughta-be Christmas classic.  From 1954.

76. White Christmas-The Ravens.  Third flipside in a row, and another really great track going all the way back to 1948!

77. You're All I Want For Christmas-Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra And Choir.  I thought I'd shared all of Hugo Winterhalter's Christmas discography until I stumbled across this 78 from 1949 that predates his work at RCA Victor, ABC-Paramount, and, um, Time or Movietone or wherever it is, I'm drawing a blank...  Good stuff.

78. White Christmas-Gorden Jenkins And His Orchestra-Guest Vocalist Bob Carroll.  Yes, the second version of White Christmas in the playlist, sorry.  I bought this 1949 record at a little junk store in Saluda, NC, just out of frame in the picture I shared yesterday.

There, is that it?  Good, my fingers are tired.  Here's the link, don't forget to come back in July!  ;)



Greg S said...
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Greg S said...

Try this again. Thank you Ernie for these great songs. These are great timeless classic finds! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Badgercat said...

Thanks again for this June treat Ernie.

Tommy said...

Many thanks! I shall be listening to these whilst trying to ignore the 100+ degree temps today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ernie. Like the commenter above me, I'm looking forward to beating the heat with some Yule cool...

Chris in Cary said...

Thanks, Ernie. A great Christmas-and-a-half treat!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific group of songs. Most are new to my collection, and quite a few are quite good. From one Christmas music lover to another--thanks for your work on this!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Are the Meadowlarks on the Irene label? (I've always wanted to type that.)

I have a copy, but it's pretty hammered.

Ernie said...

Lee-Yes, it's probably the same 78 you've shared before. Four tracks, all of them pretty good.

ronjosiah said...

I completed downloading your 78 Christmas series. I like them a lot. I also love OTR specially OTR Christmas. Your 78 collection sounds very OTRish in that they reflect the music of the era. Thanks so much. All the best.

Pete said...


Just thought to mention that Kathryn King's "Little Merrie Christmas" was released in '54.

Also, thx for the music!