Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Christmas And A Half 2012-Part 3

Yep, another batch of Christmas goodies from shellac, comin' right up.  Just gonna take me a minute here to cut and paste the titles, then upload the ZIP file...

41. Andy Gump's Holiday Greetings-Sydney Smith.  Weird little spoken word thing here.  I guess Andy Gump was a fairly well-known comic character at the time.  Look it up. This one came in a picture sleeve that folded out and had some stuff inside, it has somehow survived since 1923!  I gotta get a good scanner...

42. Blue Christmas-Russ Morgan And His Orchestra-Vocal Chorus By Russ Morgan & The Morganaires.  Yes, I think I shared this out from 45 once, but it was scratchy.  If it was good then, it's still good now.  Actually, listening to this now, the vocals are a bit scratchy. Sorry...  Russ recorded this back in 1949.

43. Christmas Story-Doris Day With Chorus And Orchestral Accompaniment.  I'm sure all of Doris Day's Christmas music has been anthologized elsewhere, but I was trying to pick the most interesting things I had from a very limited collection of 78s.  So some of these things are generally available, but I wanted you to hear them as they originally sounded, this one from 1950, some 62 years ago.

44. Gingerbread Boy (Original Version Of An Old Folk-Tale)-Georgene Faulkner.  An interesting tale, but not strictly Christmas.  I had to put it in here because it's been floating around since 1914!

45. From Every Spire On Christmas Eve-Jimmy Blades-Chimes, And Charles Smart-Organ.  You know I have to sneak in the occasional organ & chime record, don't you.  Here it is, the first, but probably not the last.  This one goes back to 1953.

46. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing-Richard Jordan, Pipe Organ-Vocal Refrain By Mixed Quartette.  Ha! Right away I jump into an organ track!  This one goes back to 1936.

47. Holy Night-Charles Harrison, Tenor, Orchestra Accompaniment.  Whoops, I skipped over this one the first time I went through and wrote all these little bits and bobs.  I must not have had anything interesting to say about it.  I still don't.  Never did find a date for it, either.

48. I Want Eddie Fisher For Christmas-Betty Johnson With Jimmy Leyden-Conductor.  Yes, they had novelty songs back in 1954.  Plenty of 'em, in fact.  So enjoy this.

49. If You Knock On Any Door On Christmas Day-Primo Scala And His Banjo And Accordion Orchestra With The Keynotes.  The flip side of a record I already shared, and a track that I'd not heard before.  Great little tune from 19 and 49.

50. Jingle Bells-Leo Watson With The Vic Dickenson Quintet. A 1946 take on this perennial classic that doesn't mention Christmas anywhere in the lyrics, yet Christmas wouldn't be the same without it.

51. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!-Woody Herman And His Orchestra-Vocal Chorus By Woody Herman.  Where am I, I'm losing my place here...  Oh, Woody Herman from 1946...  I'm running out of slightly witty things to say...  :(

52. Merry Christmas-Polka-Frank Gallagher With The Dana Serenaders And Orchestra.  Hooray, still more polka!  I need to make a collection of all these polka Christmas songs.  This one is from 1948.

53. Nuttin' For Christmas-The Fontane Sisters With Billy Vaughn's Orchestra.  Not the best rip or the best version of this Christmas bad-boy classic from 1955, but here it is anyway.

54. Santa And The Doodle-Li-Boop-Art Carney.  Ah-ha!  The great sidekick of The Great One!  And what a great single.  This is the rarely heard flip side, but it's still great.  Art released this in 1954.

55. Silent Night -The Ravens. Closest I've got to old R&B Christmas music on 78.  It's smoooooth...  From 1948, the year my dad was born.

56. Sleigh Bell Serenade-Bing Crosby With Jud Conlon's Rhythmaires And Orchestra Directed By John Scott Trotter.  Yep, a Christmas song from Der Bingle that hasn't been heard a million times.  If you really like this, you can find it elsewhere at a higher quality, but this is the way it was heard way back in 1952 on the old console in the living room.

57. Something Barked On Christmas Morning-Ricky Zahnd & The Blue Jeaners With Tony Mottola Orchestra.  I had a request for this 1955 track many years ago, and here it is.  If you're lucky, you'll get the flip side tomorrow.

58. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year-Johnnie Johnston With Paul Weston And His Orchestra.  OK, not really Christmas at all, but I don't have too many of these old shellac discs to work with.  for every Christmas 78 I run across, I probably find 5 Christmas 45s, 50 LPs and maybe 100 CDs.  The odds are stacked against me, but I try.  Anyone wishing to contribute some old records to the cause is welcome to contact me right here.  :)  Oh, this is from 1944, right in the heart of the war years.

59. White Christmas-Charlie Spivak And His Orchestra-Vocal Chorus By Garry Stevens.  An early (1942) version of what was already a Bing Crosby classic.  Of course, as big a hit as it was, every orchestra and bandleader in the country had to issue a version of it to try and get some small piece of the pie.

60. You're All I Want For Christmas-Frank Gallagher With The Dana Serenaders And Orchestra. Bringing up the rear tonight is yet another track from 1948.  What can I say?  This should be a polka record, but it's not.  Funny, that.  Didn't I just share the flipside of this one above?  I've got to put more time into the selection of these tracks...

And there you have it.  Here's a linky-link for you.


Come back tomorrow for the conclusion of 78 Christmas 78's!


  1. Thanks again, Ernie! I am really enjoying these!

  2. Hey, I found your site today. I love the old 78s! Too bad your links to parts 2, 3 and 4 have been taken down by Mediafire.

  3. DEC. 18th, 2021... Hello Ernie, So I was very successful for the Numbers of 1,2,& 4 today. But Sadly your Number 3 here needs to be Re-Upped this would have occur. Tiss only a very small few links that this has happened too, as it must of slipped by, So Ernie, if you could Please & Thank-You get a New Link working again for this Number 3, it is very much appreciated. Hopefully you have a Back up for it. These Old Tunes and Songs are great. Happy Holidays and Thanks Again, Stan

  4. Thank You Ernie, I found another area that you placed a working Link for Number 3. So its working great and all put together. A Million Thanks, Stan

  5. Yeah, i think I shared all these out again here:

    Much, but certainly not all of these tracks have been supplanted by rips from The Internet Archive, but there are still a few in here that haven't made their way there yet. Enjoy!


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