Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Benny For Your Thoughts

This is one of the things that I lost when my hard drive crashed earlier this year. I had a stereo copy of this ripped and ready to share when I found a stereo tape of it! I had recorded that, but hadn't cut it into sections when the hard drive decided to take an early retirement. So you're going to have to make due with my same old mono share dating all the way back to 2005. But it's still a great record. You get songs from Dennis Day, and the occasional bit featuring the famous Jack Benny. That alone is worth more than the price of admission. I know the scan above shows the stereo logo across the top, but I just put it up there for no good reason back in the day. In fact, stereo copies omit the banner across the bottom highlighting the presence of Jack Benny. But enough talk, please download Dennis Day Sings "Christmas Is For The Family" Featuring Lou Hollingsworth At The Wurlitzer Electronic Organ & The Vail Boys Choir With Full Orchestra (Design Records DLP-X-1, Mono). Just a little over 24 hours to Christmas. Are you ready yet?

1. Dennis Day & Jack Benny-I'm Ready Dennis
2. Jingle Bells
3. White Christmas
4. May Santa Fill Our Hearts
5. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
6. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
7. Christmas Is For The Family
8. Dennis Day & Jack Benny-Dennis
9. Silent Night
10. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
11. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
12. Oh Holy Night
13. Away In A Manger
14. Oh, Come All Ye Faithful/The First Noel/God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
15. Dennis Day & Jack Benny-Oh Mr. Benny


  1. Hi Ernie - hope you are feeling better!

  2. Is it really stereo or just rechanneled? Some of the "simulated stereo" records are just horrible.

  3. I wondered about it myself, but that tape sounded good. I believe Dennis was talking to me in one channel and Benny was in the other. Problem was, someone had spliced the tape to another at one time and cut off the first minute or so, so the first Dennis-Benny bit was missing and the first song started in the middle.

  4. I have an unplayable version of this that I kept for the cover--thanks for giving me the chance to actually listen to it!

  5. I just found a stereo copy. Definitely rechanneled (you're right about Dennis and Benny's voices in opposite channels), however this one of the better rechannelings (is that a word?) I've heard.

  6. Any chance you can repost a link for this album? My mom had it when I was a child. Happy memories. -- Ronnie

  7. Remind me come Christmas Time and I'll try to get this back up.


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