Friday, December 19, 2008

Best Song Titles Ever!

This is a curious record that I've been holding back for no good reason. The music is your standard pop organ from the fifties, and the cover is great (my scan doesn't do it justice) but the real treat here are the song titles. Whoever came up with these names is a genius! I know the music was written by Michael Carr, so he probably came up with these titles, but you never know. Have a quick gander at them below, and you'll know that you need to download Richard Ellsasser-Michael Carr's Wintertime Suite (MGM E3284 (Richard Ellsasser Playing The Organ of the John Hays Hammond, Jr. Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts), Mono, 1955). I just wish the music was as great as those titles. But you'll still enjoy it.

1. King Winter
2. Happy Fat Man (With A Sleigh Full Of Toys)
3. Winter In Mexico
4. Home For Christmas
5. Winter Setting
6. December Has A Warm Heart
7. Red Indian Snowman
8. Eight Very Busy Little Reindeer
9. Star In The East
10. Holly And Ivy And Mistletoe
11. Jack Frost, Incorporated
12. Ring In The New Year


  1. You're Right. Those titles are inspired!

  2. Hmm. Maybe I should write a song called "Those Titles Are Inspired." Nah, never mind.


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