Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christmas In July 2008-Day 21

And here's the second post today for Christmas In July. With this post, I'm only one day behind instead of two. Unfortunately, I have to work late tomorrow, so I may fall back behind again, but we'll see. The second share of today features eight different tracks, covering three different songs. Well, technically, one of them is a recitation, but you'll see.

Let me start with four different performances from Handel's Messiah, specifically, his Hallelujah Chorus. I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of this piece, since it usually comes out as a muddled mess of voices, all shouting at the top of their lungs trying to drown out everything within earshot. But maybe you'll like it. Version one is by the Brass Of The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, Conducted by Alfred Newman, from the album Hallelujah! (Capitol P8529). This is probably my favorite version, only because there's no one singing, it's all trumpets and assorted other brass instruments. Version two is by The Roger Wagner Chorale and their album Virtuoso! (Capitol SP 8431). What's with there albums featuring exclamation points in their titles? Version three is a great version played on the steel drums by The Real Thing Steel Band from The Clay House Inn Presents The Real Thing Steel Band (Edmar ELPS 1111 (Sponsored By The Coca-Cola Bottler In Bermuda)). This one is really out there. Version four, and probably my least favorite, is by the great Patti Page from the soundtrack album Elmer Gantry (Mercury MG 20599). You can pick her voice out in only a few places, which is a shame.

The next song, featured in two different version is I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony). You've got Coca-Cola to thank for this one being counted as a Christmas song. It's inclusion in a holiday commercial way back in the seventies has made it a seasonal treat for millions of hippie children. Version one is by Chet Atkins from the LP Chet Atkins Picks On The Hits (RCA AHL1-4754, 1972) and version two is by Ray Conniff And The Singers from their LP I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (Columbia KC 31220).

The last track, as promised, is a recitation of the Longfellow poem I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day as read by Arnold Moss from the album Parnassus-A Treasury Of The Spoken Word: Words To Live By: Prayers And Inspirations (Decca DL 9045). I've heard this one set to music, but this is a spoken word record, so what do you expect? Short but sweet.

And there you have it, seven more tracks for your July enjoyment (bringing the total so far to 129!). Well, I guess you can dig these out again come December, if you really want to. Here's your download link for the day. And don't forget the tracks in 2006 and 2007, they've been waiting a long time now for you to come and download them.


Anonymous said...

Ernie: Only seven tracks included in this issue. You Might want to change the number in the narrative. (Or let's see who else catches this - Ha! Ha!)
Thanks a million for the great posts and soon I may have an answer about the numbers in the comments box. They are not important to what we do so I've not been too much interested to go further with it
Have a good week and keep up the terrific postings.

Fixxitt in Georgia

Ernie said...

Yep, you are correct. I can't count when it gets past 9 at night for some reason. I corrected it, so now I won't make anybody else wonder what sort of drugs I'm on. Thanks for keeping me honest.