Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big Cat Attack, Part 2

Here's the second big cat from my visit to Big Cat Rescue on Saturday. I believe this is an ocelot, known for their striking eye makeup. Oh, and the rest of their body looks pretty cool, too. She didn't move around enough for me to get any unobscured pictures, I'm afraid. All of the animals are free to do as they please during the tours. If they want to curl up and hide in their dens, then that's what they do. If they want to pace back and forth at the edge of the cage and get a good sniff of all the passersby, then that's what you get. You'll be able to tell from the pictures I share which cat did what. And there were plenty of cats that we saw neither hide nor tail of during the tour. They just didn't feel like being on display.

See the white spots on the back of the ears? More on those later.

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